Friday, March 14, 2014

Hoch ‘ebmey tIjon
-          Klingon: Capture All Opportunities

In an opinion piece for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Eric Frydenlund informs us that “The most alarming” thing regarding the John Doe email investigations is how easy it is for most of us to downplay the scandal as mere politics.

However, for the vast majority of voters (and almost certainly, all democrats) this is no small matter. The John Doe investigations reveal not merely cynicism from the Governor down, but a willingness - nay eagerness – to disregard not only campaign laws but human decency as well.

The tasteless jokes that were shared amongst staffers in then Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s office would have ended with those staffer’s terminations when discovered by their superiors had they been working for a private enterprise.

And we can’t forget the cold-blooded response of how, when informed that a kid died from falling cement at the O’Donnell park parking structure, staffers scrambled to protect Walker’s image and showed no concern for the grieving family or of taking swift action to prevent more tragedy.

Could it be that David Icke is right?

This is because the staffers hitched their stars to Walkers' wagon. Because Walker has no game, brings no discernable talent when comes to actually governing, merely a desire to hold office, image is all there is, and must be protected no matter what.

Scott Walker acts like a Klingon. All he knows is winning – and he doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process – even if it’s the very people he claims to want to help.

The Governor doesn’t care about the people he represents – because that’s not the reason he went into politics in the first place. Sure, you’ll hear him say how he was inspired by Reagan. He knows that uttering the patron saint’s sacred name – that act alone – will win the hearts of a certain segment of the populace. Did Reagan inspire him to cheat in the campaign for class president at Marquette?

These new revelations brought out by the John Doe investigations are “the most alarming” thing to come to surface, because they reinforce what many have been thinking about Walker: He’s Nixon. Or, more accurately, he’s Nixon-ish.

Paranoid, secretive, callous, and calculating.

Richard Nixon once said:

"A public man must never forget that he loses his usefulness when he as an individual, rather than his policy, becomes the issue."
What Walker doesn’t get is that these investigations aren’t really about campaign law or what staff did illegally. It’s now about him.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the investigations revealed Walker’s own ‘enemy’s list’, provided he hasn’t destroyed it.