Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Rule: Republicans have to change the name of their party from “The Republicans” to “The Regressives”.

That’s really what they are anyhow. Sure, they’re ‘pro-business’, but that’s about it. In pretty much every other way, they’re down right ‘anti-people’. And apparently, everything else. They seem to forget that businesses need people with jobs and money who are healthy and safe enough to leave their homes to go buy the products they sell them.

They attack poor people, even the working poor by weakening the social safety net. They’d like to do away with social security, because old people and the disabled don’t work anyway so fuck them. They hate the idea that people aren’t starving and want to do away with foodstamps, forgetting or not caring that many military families need them and so does Big Ag.

They think that climate change and global warming are conspiracies ginned up against industry because they hate business – not because there’s irrefutable evidence that a hundred years’ of pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere increases the overall temperatures recorded (a problem we can deal with), overlooking the greater threat that warming will lead to glacial ice formations melting and releasing methane into the atmosphere – creating a much worse situation that we may not be able to deal with.

They fight against raising the minimum wage to a living wage – despite the fact that wages haven’t kept up with inflation or productivity gains for thirty years – and decry it as wealth redistribution. Yes! It is wealth redistribution – precisely because it wasn’t distributed fairly in the first place, a fact that Republicans simply refuse to acknowledge.

They work to remove workers’ rights[1],[2]. They work to make it harder to vote[3],[4],[5],[6],[7]. They think there aren’t enough murders[8],[9]. They want to be able to discriminate against people they don’t like[10],[11]. They’ve made laws that make you a criminal if you expose businesses that break laws[12]. They are anti-worker[13]. They want to legitimize rape[14].

[1] “More Work, Less Pay – A Republican Bill to Upend Overtime Pay for Workers”
[2] “The Legislative Attack on American Wages and Labor Standards, 2011-2012”
[3] Google search for “voters rights under attack” produced 192M pages.